Did you know that there are companies that grant their quick credits in less than 24 hours? If you need money very urgently and you can not wait until tomorrow to receive it, Bridge no check products can be very useful. Find out how you can get a loan today thanks to these lenders and what you must do to ensure that the deposit is not delayed.

How to get a loan today?

After the technological revolution experienced by the consumer financing sector, many entities have digitized their concession processes and are now able to grant credits instantly or in a maximum of 24 or, at most, 48 hours. Of all of them, the fastest is, without a doubt, private equity companies, because they are the ones that take the least time to evaluate the requests and deposit the money. Therefore, if we need money with great urgency, resorting to the products of these companies can be a good option. Let’s see what steps you need to follow to contact one of your loans:

  1. Compare between all the available offer and choose the product that best suits our needs. Many companies operate in the market that can grant us a loan today, but not all offer the same conditions. For that reason, before deciding on one or the other, it is interesting to consult the characteristics of all the offers to find out which loan best suits our situation.
  2. Fill out the online form with the required information. After entering the website of the company (we can access it by clicking on the “Contract” button), we will have to complete a simple form with our personal, work and banking information.
  3. Verify the information provided. We can do this by sending the documents requested or using the authentication systems used by some companies. If we opt for the second option, the process will be even faster, which will increase our chances of getting a loan today.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions of the offer. Once our petition is approved, we will have to give our consent to the terms of the quick loan agreement.

Who grants loans in 24 hours?

As we have said, there are currently several entities that are able to grant loans in 24 hours or even in less time, although not all of them offer us the same financing conditions. Let’s see what express credit is like for the fastest lenders:

  • Private lenders: they are private equity companies not supervised by the Bank of Spain. These companies grant, basically, mini-loans of about 1,000 euros maximum and credits of slightly larger amounts (about 5,000 euros) to be repaid in several installments. In both cases, they approve requests in minutes and transfer the money in a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Banks: banks can also grant us a loan today because some of their financing products are approved and granted in a few hours. We refer, for example, to your payroll advances or your pre-granted loans. However, these entities will not lend us the money in 24 hours or less if we are not customers and we have some seniority.
  • Financial credit establishments: these entities offer financing conditions similar to banks, although they will not require us to be their clients in order to access their products. Therefore, we can get your loans in 24 hours without the need to link, although in some cases it is possible that we apply a slightly higher interest rate.

If we need money very urgently, we can also get credit today using other financing methods. For example, we can use a credit card if we previously have it or resort to the commitment of cars or other valuable goods.

When NOT to apply for an immediate loan?

Logically, if we need to get a loan today, it is precise because an unforeseen event has arisen that we have to resolve as quickly as possible. However, before applying for a quick loan it is advisable to reflect on whether it is really necessary to ask for it and if we will be able to repay it because contracting one of these products entails contracting a debt that we will have to pay in full. Let’s see in what circumstances it is not advisable to resort to credit instantly:

  • If not to cover an unavoidable expense: the first thing we must do before applying for funding is to assess whether we really need to hire a loan today or we can wait a while to save some money.
  • If we do not have a stable source of income: it is not advisable to ask for one of these loans if we do not have an income that allows us to make the repayment without problems. Remember that, in case of not paying on time, we will apply various penalties for the delay that will worsen our economic situation.
  • If the expense to be covered is the payment of another loan: it is not advisable to take out a loan to pay the installments of another loan that we have in force since we would run the risk of entering into a spiral of indebtedness from which it would be very difficult for us to leave.

Although financial companies offer us the possibility of getting a loan today, it is very important that we use their products with the responsibility to avoid falling into debt overhang. In this sense, when we hire a loan, it is advisable that the fee to pay does not exceed 40% of what we enter, because in this way we can pay its cost without problems and we will have money to cover the rest of our recurring expenses.

Other ways to get a credit today

The different quick loans that commercialize both the banks and the private equity companies or the EFCs are not the only products with which we can get financing instantly. For example, with a credit card, we can have the money we need immediately, without having to do anything in an office or through the Internet. Let’s see what are the best plastics of the moment:

In addition, if we want to get a loan today, we can also resort to other less conventional financing methods, such as pawning some valuable asset like a jewel, gold or even our own car. In these cases, the loan conditions will vary according to the criteria of each pawnshop.