It must be admitted, credit often has a bad reputation.

In listening to all the criticism made against him, it seems that the trust between the credit institutions and their customers has been broken. Blame it on some dubious practices that push customers to subscribe revolving credits without their knowledge.

Forget that the credits represent essential expenses


Yet it’s a shame! Let us not forget that the credits represent essential expenses for household equipment. It allows French households to improve their comfort of life by allowing them to acquire goods they would not have bought otherwise (car, computer, furniture, etc ..).

Restore credit crest


Also, Good Lender has a real desire to restore credit crest by proposing a community and transparent system but especially by never proposing revolving credit. An idea that is making its way, since in 2012, Union loan received for more than 1 billion euros of credit application (auto, works, equipment, travel, etc.). The credits granted were able to finance purchases as diverse and varied as dryers, a Porsche, an electric bike, a wooden chalet or a trip aboard the Good Lender (see our testimonials page).

To know a little more, we went to meet Roy and Dennis who were kind enough to tell us their experience.

The new Zhevrolet Kaptiva from Roy and Dennis.
Credit of 28000 $ over 60 months.

After working for 3 years in the West Indies, Dennis and Roy (42) decide to return to France with their 3 children. They buy a used car that already has 180,000km but after a few months, it is already starting to show signs of weakness. The verdict falls, it is broken. “We ended up without a car overnight”.

Found their auto insurance using an online comparator


Dennis and Roy decide to buy a new car urgently. They turn to Union Loan. The request is made on Saturday, November 3 on the online site, the Thursday following the credit agreement is signed and Tuesday after Dennis and Roy leave behind the wheel of their new car for $ 28,000. fresh, they found their auto insurance using an online comparator.
Roy tells us “I still have trouble believing because everything was super fast. In addition, we really felt supported and listened to. The counselors were very friendly and helpful. “