Cook is, in fact, a financial intermediary from Estonia, which has many loan companies on offer. Let’s see what the offer looks like:

Online application for bad credit loans

The entire process takes place via the Internet. To submit a loan application for bad credit loans you need:

1. Select the loan amount and the repayment period.

2. Complete the application on the website.

3. Wait for the loan decision (10-15 minutes).

The money is transferred to the indicated bank account.

Cook does not provide a loan calculator. The cost of the loan will be known after sending the application. New Customers can count on a free loan.


To submit an application with Cook, you only need:

– be 18 to 80 years old

– live in Poland

– have a bank account

– have an e-mail address and a phone number

– ID card

Cook directly indicates that its offer also includes lenders who do not verify Clients in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK SA) and business information offices.

Cook – loan online

  • Loan amount: from PLN 100 to 5,000
  • Repayment: up to 50 days
  • Full online
  • Also for people in debt
  • A lending decision in 10 minutes
  • No income statements
  • High acceptance rate


Cook only offers short-term loans with repayments within a maximum of 50 days.

Cook is a good proposition for people who have not had contact with loan companies before. The offer includes only short-term loans with repayment up to 50 days. As market research shows, Polish clients definitely prefer installment loans, which may translate into interest. On the other hand – Cook directly informs that the money can also be obtained by over-indebted people, which may interest a large number of clients.


– relatively high loan amount (for payday loans)

– relatively long repayment period (for payday loans)

– free first loan

– also for indebted people

– quick loan decision

– high acceptance of applications


– no repayment in installments

– lack of information about suppliers

– no loan calculator.